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Janet Mustain

Galena Park ISD
English 1 Teacher
North Shore 9th Grade Center
Saturday, October 26

8:45am CDT

9:45am CDT

10:45am CDT

12:45pm CDT

1:45pm CDT

"Hey Google!"-Keep, Task & Calendar Insight RM 216Tamara Gipson Game-Based Learning - Keeping Students Engaged While Providing Valuable Data To Help Inform Instruction RM 212Julia Dexter Listen Up: Using Podcasts in the Classroom RM 311Kyndra Hartzler Playing to Win! - Removing Barriers to Learning So All Students Can Succeed! RM 315Tracy Bailey • Angel Webb Social Media Podcasting and All the Things That Go Bump in the Night RM 715The Edutech Guys Using Playlists and Choice Boards in the Blended Learning Classroom RM 2830 (Upstairs)Breyanna Bell • Nicole Palmer Blend Your Classroom with Digital Formative Assessment Tools RM 2826 (Upstairs)Connie Butcher-Wood Blended Instruction and Learning for the Modern Classroom RM 313FLIPPIN’ GOOD TECH • Shelly Veron • Megan Ortolano Blended Learning for World Languages RM 809Michaelle Aguilar Fearless Forms: Using Google Forms as an Instructional Tool RM 817Du Wayne La Fountain • Charlotte Rogers Forms+Docs+Sheets+Autocrat=done RM 821James Albrecht Instant Feedback w/Assessment in Google Forms RM 705Hunter McConnell Make Grading Easy with Google Forms RM 627Carissa Clohessy Mixing, Not Beating, Creates a Smooth Batter of Blended Learning RM 2211 (Upstairs)Karen Ingram Self-Grading and More: Taking Google Forms to the Next Level RM 716Dr. Desiree Alexander Using Google Sites to Offer Student Choice RM 706Emma Sobey HOOK & INSPIRE: Making Literature Relevant and Relatable for High School ELA Students with Technology RM 2619 (Upstairs)Melissa Flinn News and Media Literacy: Building Critical Consumers and Creators RM 2605 (Upstairs)Shawn Constable

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